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All data will be inquired from financial enterprises
and state databases.
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Financial data
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Compare, share and get an overview of your payment and credit history.
DataMe gives you an opportunity to compare your credit terms with those of others like you. We make it faster to get credit for you and provide an opportunity for more favourable offers and credit terms.
DataMe offers innovative and secure data processing solutions making it faster and more favourable to apply for credit and reducing the number of people ending up in payment problems.
For people
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Financial passport and credit report.
Based on your payment history, banks create your personal credit report, which is the basis for credit decisions and interest rates offered to you. A good credit report means a better opportunity to get credit with favourable terms.
DataMe provides you with the information that credit reports consist of and the information about which activities affect your credit rating. Knowledgeable behaviour makes you more reliable in the eyes of banks and other financial institutions and opens you the door to more favourable credit terms.
Unfortunate, many people have encountered cases of financial fraud where a stranger takes out credit by abusing their personal data. DataMe offers a service to protect your personal data, informing the client about each and all financial transactions made under his or her name. This enables immediate reaction to abuse of your data, so you can immediately contact the financial institution and the police.
Security is DataMe’s primary concern. Therefore, access to your data is granted only to those creditors and credit institutions that you have given your consent to and who are users of the DataMe system.

Summary of project - additional developments of DataMe system.
Goal - covering deployment and development costs of DataMe system.
Result - better options for working with input data and increased security.
Name of fund - European Regional Development Fund.
Amount of support - 15 000 €